At St. Nicholas Parish we follow an RCIA format for our Confirmation program. This process is broken into three stages. 
  1. The Period of Inquiry (September-December). During this time the candidate will build community with other peers in the Confirmation program, interview with the youth minister or core team member and discern if they can commit to the preparation necessary for the Sacrament of Confirmation: The Confirmation preparation team will also meet with parents and sponsors during this period to discuss their role as support to the candidate.
  2. The period of Evangelization  (January through July). At this time the Candidate will deepen their understanding of the basic tenets of the Catholic faith.  It is a "New Evangelization" where teens have the opportunity for continued conversion to Christ.
  3. The period of Mission (September-December) This period focuses on a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a lively interaction with the Holy Spirit, and a deeper understanding of the missionary call each Candidate received at his/her baptism.

For additional information contact the Youth Ministry Office (253) 851-9040