Parish Leadership

 The St. Nicholas parish leadership includes not only our parish staff but several key groups that support daily parish life.

  • Pastoral Evangelization Council
  • Finance Council
  • Worship Commission
  • Facilities Management
  • School Commission

Pastoral Evangelization Council

The Pastoral Evangelization Council serves as a consultative body to the pastor. The members of the council, who are appointed by the pastor, meet regularly to examine, consider, and draw conclusions concerning matters under discussion in order to recommend a course of action to the pastor.

The Pastoral Evangelization Council assists the pastor in:3t4dy9kef6bttvfouoofy0tq9rl.jpg

  • Developing and living out of the mission of the Parish;
  • Forming the Parish as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ;
  • Proclaiming the Good News of Salvation to the wider community;
  • Providing recommendations for parish priorities and direction;
  • Promoting communication and understanding among parish organizations
    and between the parish, the Archdiocese, and the universal Church.
  • The current sitting Council is Fr. Mark, David Charboneau, Cheryl Taylor, Rachel Snay, Lucio Valles, Jim Patterson, Jeremy LeBlanc


Finance Council

The finance council consists of a group of laypersons who advise the pastor and pastoral administrator regarding stewardship of parish financial resources.

  • The current sitting Council is: James Reardon, Christine Tatara, Dan Millet, Bill Lindsey, Eric Waters, Arlene Hogan, Sarah McLellan

Contact: the Parish Administrator (253) 649-0006 or


Worship Commission

The worship commission assists and advises the Pastor in planning and implementing the liturgical celebration.

Chairperson: Mark McKibben (253) 858-2920

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee's mission to welcome new parishioners into the Parish, connecting them with the many different ministries that flourish at St. Nicholas.

Chairperson: David Charboneau: (253) 649-4240 /

School Commission

The responsibilities of the school commission, in cooperation with the Pastor and principal, include recommending a mission statement for the school grounded in Catholic faith tradition, recommending policy, setting long range goals for the school, developing means to finance the school (including tuition structures, financial development and fund-raising), promoting communication, public relations, and evaluating the school’s goals and plans.

Contact: Davin Reyes School Principal, 253-858-7632