Parish Life

St. Nicholas parish aspires to live the life of good stewards of all the gifts that God has given us.

  • He is calling us to live our lives in Memory of Him by His Love. Jesus came to teach how to live. He came not to do
  • His own will, but the will of the One who sent Him.
  • He came not to be served, but to serve.
  • He came to give His Life as ransom for us all!

Jesus came to teach us everything that we need to know about life. He draws us closer to Himself, day by day; we build a sense of communion in our church; and we come to understand more clearly that God has given each of us something to do that no one else on earth can do.

No one can be the parent or the grandparent or member of our parish the way that you are called to be.

Jesus makes it clear to each of us our individual mission in the Church, giving us the grace to live stewardship as a way of life, a way of holiness and spirituality.