Pastor's Corner

20th Sunday Ordinary Time JN 6: 51-58

Jesus said to the crowd, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life….” We can hardly blame 5837zcu46zxnhkxbshdiwoc5ynl.jpgthe crowd for their shock at this statement — eating the Flesh and drinking the Blood of our Lord should cause us a bit of a shock. Yet how easy it is to show up at Mass Sunday after Sunday, receiving the Eucharist as simply part of a weekly routine.

If we really spent time contemplating the gift our Lord is offering us in this sacrament, we would be awestruck at the love and power in this gift. Through it, our Lord is giving us the very best He has to give — Himself. Not even the greatest theological scholar or the holiest of saints can fully understand this mystery.

Thankfully we don’t need to be a saint or a scholar to receive this gift. But we should do our best to receive the Eucharist with gratitude. And we can look to today’s readings to glean two fundamental principles for becoming better Christian stewards.

The Eucharist is the foundation for a discipleship way of life. Through His gift of the Eucharist, God fills us with His love and strength. This love and strength empower us to live as generous disciples — to be faithful to the ministries we serve in, joyful in material giving, and offer our very best to our families and secular work.

The Eucharist is the ultimate inspiration for a stewardship way of life. When we contemplate this gift of God, we will want to make a joyful return to Him. Mass will become anything but routine and we will live each day as His passionate disciples.
Catholic Stewardship, Inc.